Middle Years After School Program

The Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton Middle Years After School will have a different look for the 2020-2021 school year as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our Club and its programs and services face participant limitations due to Government Guidelines. We deem our After School program as essential for parents and guardians who require the program to assist in their ability to work. This school year we are prioritizing our limited spaces to those families who need this essential service. Participants from our 2019-2020 After School Program who fit this need will have first right of refusal on their spaces. Please contact the Club office at 306-783-2582 or by email at admin@boysandgirlsclubofyorkton.ca for more any inquiries or information on registering. Program participants will be group into cohorts daily to stay within Government Guidelines. A maximum of 30 children and youth will be accepted into the after school program this year. 

We offer a variety of other programs and services to meet the needs of socialization, productive opportunities and respite. Thank you for your understanding.

This program is a great after-school resource for children and youth, parents and guardians and teachers!  

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